The Deep Green Sea

Core High-Elf Archipeligo Area

  • Named because of the thick jungles that holds it secrets.
  • Originally a pridominatly elven area, it has now succomb to much racial integration.
  • Due to it’s strategic island location it acts as a hub of trade across ocean, and has become a center of trade.
  • It’s government is incorporated into the university system
  • Alchemy can be practiced openly
  • Has a wide variety of rare herbs, and other alchemical ingredients, native only to this area.
  • Is a non-volcanic, mountainous, tropical, island.
  • Has a sister island to the North-West within it’s realm of influence.

Western Region


  1. The Capital District
  2. The Market District
  3. The Residential District
  4. Western Wilderness

  5. Tropical Peak
  6. Tropical Valley
  7. Last Stop Island

  8. Downtown and Port Districts
  9. Tropical Mid and Highlands

The Deep Green Sea

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