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  • Eros

    Eros often stays at The Broken Arrow in Porthaven. He owns a fortress on last stop island. He is a wealthy pirate, who is willing to do whatever it takes to reach the top. He has often been described as heartless. He has a sandelf assistant named [[:Kah' …

  • Ásgeirr

    Ásgeirr is the un-official leader of the local tinkerer population. His house functions as a dojo, and meeting hall for them. He is quite eccentric and outgoing. Willing to teach anyone his ways.

  • Terath Ares'

    Terath Ares' lives for the cause. He believes that the High Elvern government based in Porthaven is straying from it's original principalities of freedom and equality for all. He is dedicated to overthrowing the current government by seizing the …

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